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With an energy saving retrofit, we actually cut your lighting electricity use in half. Many buildings that were built a few years back, came with the T8/12 size fluorescent lamps and an electronic ballast. These are the standard lamps and ballast that have been used for years. When we retrofit, our team will actually come in during non-business hours, relamp with LED Lamps (which use less wattage), remove existing ballasts to increase energy efficiency, direct wire LED lamps to an existing circuit, clean and repair all lighting fixtures.

The way that retrofitting saves electricity is based on several different factors:



  • If there are 4 T8 fluorescent lamps in a fixture and they are 4-foot lamps, they usually are approximately 32 watts each (128 watts total). The LED lamps we install range in wattage from 10 to 100 watts for the entire fixture. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light.

  • LED lamps do not require any ballasts, they are direct circuit wired. This means that there is less equipment that could break and lowers maintenance costs.

  • The LED lamps burn cooler. As a result, they produce much less heat than the old T8/12 lamps; thus, air conditioning usage is reduced.

  • LED lamps are 100% their entire life cycle. As fluorescent bulbs age, their light output is reduced and is considered “dead” at approximately 60% of its light emitting capacity, which is roughly 16,00 hours. LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours of continuous usage.  efficient through

  • LED lamps do not emit Ultraviolet (UV) or Infrared (IR) light. All fluorescent lamps emit some percentage of these harmful rays.

  • We replace all incandescent bulbs with LED lamps. This decreases wattage use.

  • We replace older exit fixtures/emergency units with new LED fixtures. Again, reducing electricity consumption.



LMI’s group relamping service is the lowest cost approach to lighting maintenance. Group relamping assures consistent quality lighting levels, reduces electrical cost and prolongs the life of fluorescent ballasts. As with retrofitting, our team will come to your facility during non-business hours, clean, and relamp all lighting fixtures.

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