Air Filter Service

LMI is your low cost provider of air filter service. We offer quality filters and excellent service for commercial customers. When filters are dirty, your HVAC unit has additional pressure put on its performance. This causes it to work harder and longer thus increasing your utility bills. Regular maintenance is the key to saving money and having a properly working unit. Money spent on preventative maintenance will result in dollars saved for repair maintenance, less downtime, and less energy cost of operation. See our monthly route service to set up a complete indoor maintenance program.

Can’t remember to change your filters?

• Are dirty/clogged filters costing you money?
• Do you have problems finding the right filter?
• Are repairs eating up your maintenance budget?
•Locked into a contract? Ask us for help to get you out ASAP. 
• High utility expense?

We Have Unbeatable Prices!



• We carry all size filters.
• We will report any potential problems to eliminate downtime.
• We remember when your filters need to be changed!
• We take care of your filter demands so you do not have to!